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Scandinavian interior design: go for timeless and stylish

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Be inspired by the timeless style and warm touches of a Scandinavian interior. Create your ideal home with furniture from DETJER.

Idaedith detjer scandinavian interior

Scandinavian interior design: go for timeless and stylish

The Scandinavian living style has existed since the 1930s, but only made its rise in the 1950s because of the Lunning Prize. This prize was awarded annually to two leading Scandinavian designers. These days, Scandinavian living is still popular and the style matches well with DETJER furniture. Indeed, it is a timeless style in which minimalism, simplicity and functionality play a major role.

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Sus styling detjer scandinavian interior

What is a Scandinavian interior design?

Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are paramount in a Scandinavian style of living. Timeless design classics also play a big role in this. Something we at DETJER can greatly appreciate. Scandinavians also speak of "hygge. This is a way of life that revolves around doing things that make life more beautiful. It also has to do with simplicity, coziness, comfort and warmth, and this is reflected in Scandinavian furnishings. It's all about quality over quantity.

photo credit: @sus_styling

Rasmus malling scandinavian interior

What colors fit into a Scandinavian interior?

The Scandinavian style of living is known for its use of white tones and light colors. Therefore, the walls are often painted beige, light gray or white. In addition, pastel shades and possibly some darker tones such as dark gray or black are used. By the way, this does not mean that color is not used, but this is done subtly through accessories such as a lamp or table book. Nature is of paramount importance in Scandinavia and this is clearly reflected in the Scandinavian style of living through the use of wooden furniture, among other things. In addition, wood provides atmosphere and brings warmth to the interior.

photo credit: @rasmus.malling

Homebykristinrodin detjer scandinavian interior

What does a Scandinavian interior look like?

Do you love natural materials? Then the Scandinavian interior style might suit you. A Scandinavian interior is characterized, in addition to the light base, namely by the use of natural materials such as jute, wood, but also leather and concrete. In addition, the Scandinavians know how to handle accessories. The trick? Limit the number of accessories and choose ones without too much fuss. Many design classics are also from Scandinavian soil for a reason. So saving up for such an item is really worth it if you love a Scandinavian style of living. For which design classic is on your wishlist?

photo credit: @homebykristinrodin

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