Wooden outdoor footstools in Chandigarh Style

An outdoor wooden footstool is a great addition to your garden furniture. Whether you're looking for a footstool for your garden, patio or balcony:an outdoor footstool made of wood is a perfect choice for relaxing yourself in the fresh outdoors.

Outdoor wooden footstool in Chandigarh style

Looking for a stylish teak footstool? Look no further. The Kangaroo footstool is designed according to the Chandigarh style. This style was born in the 1950s in Chandigarh, India. Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret designed the Chandigarh chair for the working people of this utopian city. Today, the chair is totally trendy. Our furniture is inspired by the style of the Chandigarh chair. But with a modern twist!

Wooden outdoor footstool: which wood?

Want a footstool in your garden made of wood? At DETJER, buy a teak footstool. Teak is one of the best woods for outdoor use because it is resistant to moisture, wood rot and insects. The wood is durable and long-lasting. Teak furniture can be outside anytime! During all seasons, day and night. In addition, all our wood has the FLEGT label (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade). This means that the wood is also ecologically responsible! So your teak footstool is not only stylish and comfortable, but also sustainably and environmentally produced.

Handmade garden footstool made of wood

When you buy a teak footstool from DETJER, quality is guaranteed. This is because our furniture is handmade in our workshop in Indonesia. This applies not only to our outdoor furniture, but also to our other furniture such as tables and chairs for indoor use. Our team of furniture makers creates your furniture with great love and admirable craftsmanship. This guarantees that you put a stylish, unique piece of furniture in the garden. One tip: always make sure that your bench is not left in water for long periods of time. Water can soak into the wood, causing the bench to decay more quickly over time.

Want to buy an outdoor wooden footstool?

Wondering how our footstool sits? Visit one of our points of sale. Or order directly! If your footstool is in stock, you will have it at home within 3 to 5 business days.