Timeless Elegance

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Timeless Elegance

DETJER's furniture designs are inspired by the typical 1950s Chandigarh style, but executed with high-quality and contemporary materials. Perfect for lovers of understated yet sophisticated aesthetics.

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The timeless elegance of the Chandigarh Chair

DETJER's armchairs are inspired in their designs by the typical 1950s style of the Chandigarh chair, but they are executed with high-quality and contemporary materials. Like all our other Indonesian furniture, the Chandigarh chairs are created entirely in our own factory by our team of experienced and passionate craftsmen. The results are impressive: all of our furniture pieces are finished to the finest detail, ensuring a high-quality vintage look.

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Featured This Month: Chairs we love

This month is all about chairs, where it all began. Our first items we sold were chairs. We became extremely popular with them in no time! Since then our collection has expanded enormously with tables, stools, desks and so on. But our love for chairs will always remain! Read on and discover our favorites.

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Table à Café 120 - Dark Brown

The Chandigarh Table à Café 120 table in two colors. Coffee and table both warm and tasty. The timeless style from the late fifties is a match with almost every one.


Kangaroo Chair - Dark Brown

A relaxed mind is a productive mind. With minimalism in both design and construction, Kangaroo is your ideal companion. Sit back and let your mind wander freely for a while before you jump up re-energized. Inspired by the famous Chandigarh style. Available in Darkened Teak or Charcoal Black.

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Our Story

DETJER is a brand with a complete range of timeless furniture inspired by the late 50s Chandigarh style. In addition to chairs, you will also find a wide collection of tables, benches and cabinets. All handmade, and all of very high quality.

Our story