Chair cushions

At DETJER, we are fans of the Chandigarh style. Our furniture is inspired by it. That creates stylish chairs and sofas that sit just fine. But for a step of extra comfort, one thing is still missing: comfortable chair cushions. And we have those, of course. Thick chair cushions for indoors and outdoors, in different colors. Read on.

Luxury chair cushions for your DETJER chair

We recommend using our square chair cushions. This makes our chairs, inspired by the Chandigarh chair from the 1950s, even more comfortable. Moreover, the chairs also last longer when you use cushions. So chair cushions for dining chairs or lounge chairs are highly recommended. And beautiful too!

Chair cushions for indoor use

For our indoor chairs and sofas, we offer all types of luxury chair cushions you can imagine. Our square chair cushions are available in a variety of colors. From light brown to cream to velvet green. Just pick your favorite! These luxurious cushions will fit right into your interior because of their versatility. And they are comfortable too.

Outdoor cushions

We also recommend using a cushion for our garden furniture. Our thick outdoor chair cushions are made to sit comfortably for hours. With this stylish combination of outdoor chair and cushion, you'll be sitting outside all year long!

Which chair cushions to buy for my furniture?

Are you looking for chair cushions for your dining room chairs? Or do you want a nice cushion for your new office chair? At DETJER we have it all, in different colors and sizes. The choice is all yours. You can even combine colors! Because of the different colors and versatility of our furniture, they fit everywhere. Whether you have a minimalist interior, or a more eclectic style.

Why buy chair cushions from DETJER?

  • The style of our cushions seamlessly matches that of the furniture
  • Our cushions are made of high quality material
  • Using cushions will keep your DETJER chair or sofa looking good for longer
  • The cover of your cushion is washable

Want to buy high quality chair cushions?

Enthusiastic about our cushions? Order right away and have your cushions delivered within 3 to 5 business days.

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