Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies. We use these cookies to collect visitor statistics. These cookies provide us with insight into the use of our website, which allows us to improve the user experience. The cookies collect information about, for instance, which pages are visited the most, how long these visits last and which links are clicked on.

Google Analytics [geanonimiseerd]

We use the Google Analytics pixel; however, we have rendered the information it analyses completely anonymous. By default, your IP address is anonymised, and we do not share this information with any third parties, including Google. We do not create profiles based on user behaviour for marketing purposes and we do not keep your data on multiple devices.

  • These cookies are stored for a maximum of two years.
  • Here you can read more about how Google handles your data.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are cookies that follow the surfing behaviour of a visitor on our website. We use these advertising cookies to create an interest profile of your visit so that we can advertise more effectively.


This website uses a Facebook Pixel. This tool helps us analyse the website, with which we can improve the Facebook experience of our users. The cookie only stores information such as: which Facebook users visit the website, the pages that these users visit, etc. This pixel also stores the behaviour of users after viewing or clicking on a Facebook advertisement. This allows Facebook to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisements. Thanks to the pixel we can also show website visitors advertisements on the Facebook platform. The information obtained is anonymous to us and does not provide us with any further information about the identity of you as a user. However, the data are stored by Facebook and processed in such a way that they can be linked to a specific user profile. This means that Facebook can use the data for its own advertising purposes.

  • These cookies are stored for a maximum of one year.
  • Here you can read more about how Facebook handles your data.