Designer office furniture

Furnishing an office: it's not something you do every day. But whether you are redesigning an entire office or furnishing an office space for the first time: with design office furniture you can take your office design to the next level. DETJER's luxury office furniture gives your office a modern and stylish look.

Buying office furniture

Furnishing an office is not something you do in a day: it takes time and thought to come up with an office design that matches the look and feel of your organisation. Whether you are looking for office furniture such as desks, office chairs or cabinets: DETJER is the right place for modern design office furniture to make your office a real eye-catcher.

Opting for designer office furniture

Designer office furniture is designed with attention to both functionality and aesthetics, and the right office furniture can contribute to the productivity, atmosphere and well-being of employees and visitors. When choosing designer office furniture, always consider the requirements and needs of the working environment. For example, consider the following issues:

  • Ergonomics
    Choose luxury office furniture that ensures a healthy working posture to prevent physical complaints. Ergonomic office furniture is indispensable.
  • Materials
    Modern office furniture is made of high-quality, durable materials with a sophisticated look. Choose colours and materials that match the atmosphere you want to create in your office.
  • Sustainability
    Choose office design furniture that combines aesthetics with longevity. Go for furniture made from durable and sturdy materials, by people who receive fair compensation for it.

Buying beautiful office furniture at DETJER

DETJER's office furniture designs are inspired by the quintessential Chandigarh style of the 1950s, but executed in high-quality and contemporary materials. This makes the furniture perfect for lovers of understated and sophisticated aesthetics. All our furniture is made in our own factory by a team of experienced and passionate craftsmen. Thus, we ensure that even our office furniture is finished to the finest detail and has a high-quality vintage look.

Buying modern office furniture - good for you and the world

At DETJER, you will find designer office furniture of high quality and luxurious appearance. In addition, all furniture is sustainable and good for nature. Our office furniture has a FLEGT label. FLEGT stands for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade, and means that the wood of the furniture has been approved by the EU. Buying office furniture from DETJER is thus a good choice for the world and your office!

Buying office design furniture?

Make your office a place where you can welcome colleagues and clients in style. If you buy a complete office furnishing of modern office furniture from DETJER, you can be sure of a unique furnishing of your work location.

- Handmade furniture made of high-quality wood.
- Fast delivery: all our office furniture available from stock is delivered within 1 to 2 working days.
- Our office furniture comes pre-assembled or with handy instructions.

Want to take a look at our products before making your choice? Find a point of sale for beautiful office furniture in your area. We are at your service!

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