Wooden stools in Chandigarh style

Looking for a stylish wooden design stool? Then you have come to the right place at DETJER. Our collection consists of more than 20 different wooden stools in Chandigarh style. The stools are inspired by the classic Chandigarh Chair, which was designed in the 1950s and has a sleek and timeless design. As a result, the minimalist stools, made of high-quality materials, fit any interior. Like all our Indonesian furniture, the stools are handmade in our own factory, by passionate craftsmen. This makes each stool unique and finished to the smallest detail.

A wooden stool for any interior

A wooden stool complements any decor. It is a practical piece of furniture that takes up little space and quickly provides extra seating. This makes it ideal for small spaces. Moreover, stools are easy to move around and can be used for different purposes. Of course you can sit on them, but a stool also lends itself wonderfully to putting a nice plant on it or using it as a side table. Wooden stools are sturdy and durable, made to bear a person's weight without much maintenance or care. But stools are also very versatile aesthetically: you can find them in all sorts of styles and materials, which means they can be a subtle addition or, on the contrary, a striking design element for a room.

Round stools, square stools and low stools

A stool is ideal for any room in the house. Whether you want to buy a small wooden stool for the kitchen, living room or bedroom, DETJER has a stool for every room and every application. From a designer wooden stool to a low wooden stool. And even bar stools in Chandigarh style! The stools come in different colours, sizes and styles. We have many different variants of the wooden stool: square, round and in abstract shapes. Want an extra seat, a side table or just a nice addition to your interior? It's all possible.

Indonesian furniture made of certified wood: beautiful and durable

Although the design of the wooden stools is based on the Indian Chandigarh style, the furniture itself is made in Indonesia. This is done by hand, by a team of passionate designers. The wood used for the stools is Mindi wood, which is also called white cedar or Indian lilac. This wood is known for its durability and versatility. All our wood also bears the FLEGT label. This stands for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade, and means that the wood is recognised by the EU and meets all requirements for sustainable, fair trade timber.

Buying a wooden stool

Have you found a wooden design stool that completely suits your needs? Then you won't have to wait long to receive it. After ordering, the stool will be delivered to your home within 3 to 5 working days. Shipping costs depend on the size of the furniture and will be calculated for you during the ordering process. All our products are delivered assembled. After delivery, you can immediately enjoy your new stool!