Wooden cabinets in Chandigarh style

Looking for a beautiful, timeless webbing cabinet? DETJER's wooden designer cabinets are handmade from quality Mindi wood. The Chandigarh style cabinets fit within any interior. Put this large wooden cabinet in your living room, bedroom or office. Check out our range of wooden cabinets now.

What is the Chandigarh style?

It all started in India. In the city of Chandigarh, to be exact. A Swiss architect designed the Chandigarh chair for the working people of this utopian city. From this, the now world-famous Chandigarh style was born. What began as just a chair has since expanded into an entire concept. Today you can find not only chairs inspired by the Chandigarh style, but also wooden cabinets, sofas and tables. For example, are you looking for a beautiful wooden shelving unit that fits into any interior? Then you've come to the right place at DETJER.

The design cabinets in our collection

Looking for a wooden cabinet for living room, bedroom or kitchen? At DETJER we have it all. Are you looking for a tall wooden cabinet or just interested in bookcases or TV cabinets? Our cabinets and wall units are available in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at our wide selection or find a store. You will see that there is something for everyone.

Stylish, durable designer cabinets

Although the Chandigarh style began in India, another Asian country is important to us: Indonesia. After all, this is where our factory is located. All of DETJER's wooden cabinets are handmade there. Our team of professionals guarantees high quality. Always. Moreover, with a wooden cabinet from DETJER you contribute to the environment. In fact, all our furniture bears the FLEGT label (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade). So you are not only buying a stylish cabinet, but one that is sustainable as well.

I'm looking for a wooden open shelf cabinet. Which wood is good?

You're looking for a great wood cabinet, but can't see the wood for the trees. There are so many different types of wood, but which type fits best within your interior? We have the perfect solution. Our wooden open shelves are made of Mindi wood. This sturdy wood does not shrink easily, making it long-lasting. Moreover, the wood is available in different colors. So you can also order wooden compartment cabinets and other cabinets in black from us!

Buy wooden webbing cabinet?

Enthusiastic? We are happy to look at the possibilities for your interior. Are you sure this tall wooden cabinet is for you? Then you can also order right away! Ordered today, within 3 to 5 working days at home. The furniture is usually delivered pre-assembled on a pallet. If this is not the case, you get a handy manual with it. This way, your new wooden open cabinet will be in place in no time! Are you looking for other furniture? At DETJER you will not only find designer wall cabinets, but also sideboards, for example. These can function as TV furniture or you can place your favorite home accessories on them.