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Inspiration and tips for calm interiors

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Nothing like the feeling of coming home. A place where you can completely relax and, if you want, escape from reality. We give you tips to create tranquility in your interior.


Inspiration and tips for a peaceful interior

There is nothing like the feeling of coming home, a place where you can relax and be completely yourself. A place where you experience serene peace. You can create that in part by implementing a tranquil interior. But what is a calm interior and how do you create it?


How do you bring tranquility to your interior?

Tranquility in your interior is determined by several factors. The obvious ones are things like a tidy house and creating unity. But a good lighting plan (think of dimmable lighting), scents and colors also play an important role in this. Coordinating both the colors on the wall and the colors of your furniture creates a fine balance. In this, do not underestimate the materials you choose. For example, combine a wooden chair with a luxurious plaid, a velvet sofa with a woolen rug, etcetera. Want to know how to create a minimalist interior with warmth? Read it here.


What color brings tranquility to the living room?

Light colors such as sand, beige, creamy white and other light earth tones create a calming feeling in your living room. We prefer to match the colors on the wall to the colors of your furniture. That way you create a fine balance in the room that provides the tranquility you are looking for. Often a ton-sur-ton interior fits these needs perfectly. Of course, you can add some color to the space through accessories.

This is how to create a tone-on-tone interior
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