Indoor wooden benches in Chandigarh style

Would you like to put a beautiful wooden bench inside to complete your interior? At DETJER you will find wooden benches in the Chandigarh style. Bring the modern architecture of this Indian city into your home with a beautiful webbing bench for indoors. Our Indonesian wooden benches are produced in our own factory by an experienced team.

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At DETJER, you don't buy just any wooden bench. In fact, the design of our wooden benches is based on the Chandigarh style! Chandigarh chairs have been made since the 1950s. The design is inspired by the Indian city of Chandigarh and its modern architecture. During this period they were designed for the working class, but today they are in style! Our indoor wooden benches are executed with contemporary materials, and therefore are not an exact replica of the Chandigarh chair. Through the hard work of our passionate professionals, all wooden benches are finished in detail. This gives the benches a quality vintage look. Perfect for your interior!

Living or dining room bench made of wood?

Looking for a dining room bench made of wood? Or do you want a beautiful minimalist bench for the living room, bedroom or your office? It's all possible. At DETJER, we have a wide range of options. For example, our benches are available in different sizes and colors. In our range you will find wooden benches for any interior. So if you're looking for a beautiful webbing bench for your home, you've come to the right place!

Durable wooden benches for indoors

A wooden bench in the Chandigarh style is defining for your interior. But it is not only a beautiful bench - also a durable one. All benches are made from Mindi wood. In addition, all our wood bears the FLEGT label (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade). This means that the wood has been approved by the EU and our furniture is made from honest, sustainable wood. So your new wooden bench is the right choice from a design and environmental point of view!

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