Wooden coffee tables in Chandigarh style

Looking for a low wooden coffee table? We at DETJER are happy to help you! In our collection you will find coffee tables in modern design, in all shapes and sizes. All our furniture is made from sustainable wood. They are inspired by the timeless Chandigarh style. So are you looking for a designer coffee table made of wood? Read on soon.

Extraordinary wooden coffee tables with sleek design

The Chandigarh style originated in India in the 1950s. Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret visited the Indian city of Chandigarh and was impressed by its modern architecture. From this, the Chandigarh chair was born. Our furniture is inspired by Jeanneret's chairs, but with sustainable materials and a contemporary twist.

Why a wooden coffee table?

A wooden coffee table from DETJER brings a rustic atmosphere to your interior. And it always fits! On a beautiful wooden or glass coffee table whose design is inspired by the '50s you can put anything on it. Put a nice coffee table book on it, coasters, plants or nothing at all. Our tables are beautiful and unique enough to stand on their own.

DETJER: special wooden coffee tables

At DETJER you buy a beautiful low wooden coffee table in sleek design. And not only that!

  • Our collection of designer coffee tables is made of Mindi wood. This Indonesian wood is known for its beautiful grain. The wood lasts a long time and contributes to the rustic look of the furniture.
  • All DETJER furniture is handmade in our workshop in Indonesia. Our craftsmen ensure that the furniture is made with passion and quality!
  • Moreover, all our furniture is labeled FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade). So the furniture is not only durable and stylish, but also ethical.

Different types of wooden coffee tables

The beauty of the Chandigarh style, is that it comes into its own within any interior. Whether it's a minimalist home or just an eclectic style ... it's just what you're looking for. If you want a dark wood coffee table, you can. But we also have a coffee table made of black wood - rectangular or just a round coffee table. We use different materials besides Mindi wood. Some coffee tables are made of glass, so if you're looking for a glass coffee table with 1950s design, that's also possible. Are you looking more for other tables? Then take a look at our desks, for example.

Ordering a coffee table in modern design at DETJER?

Which one will it be? The coffee table in black - rectangular or round? A dark wood coffee table or natural wood? Have you made your choice and want to order right away? If the table is in stock, it will be delivered within 3 to 5 days. Want to buy a coffee table, but don't know which one yet? Stop by our sales points or make an appointment in our showroom! That way you can see our special wooden coffee tables for yourself.