Wooden footstools in Chandigarh Style

DETJER's wooden footstools are inspired by the Chandigarh style of the 1950s. These unique classics are perfect for any interior. Durably made and delivered within 5 business days. That's what you want!

A wooden footstool: beautiful and durable

A wooden footstool made of EU approved material. You don't find that everywhere, but DETJER has it. Our furniture is made with Mindi wood from Indonesia. This wood has the FLEGT label (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade). This means that it has been approved by the EU. So the designer footstools you buy at DETJER are not only stylish, but also sustainable.

Design footstool in Chandigarh style

The Chandigarh style was born in the 1950s. Back then, a Swiss architect was inspired by the Indian city of Chandigarh with its modern architecture. From this, the Chandigarh chair was born. It was initially intended for the working class, but today is known as real design furniture. DETJER's chairs, cabinets and ottomans are not an exact replica, but are designed in the Chandigarh style. This combined with the unique Mindi wood and the hard work of our dedicated teams in Indonesia creates the perfect designer footstool for any home.

A wooden footstool for any interior

A footstool made of wood can be placed in many places in your home. In the bathroom, at the bedside or, of course, next to the sofa. You can also use the wooden footstool as an extra seat in the living room or kitchen. Our footstools are versatile and fit nicely into any room. Yours too!

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Are you excited and want to buy a wooden footstool? Choose a nice one. Are you looking for something different? DETJER has a wide range of indoor furniture. We also have garden furniture.