Wooden book racks in Chandigarh style

At DETJER you buy a unique wooden bookcase. But what makes this one so special? The bookcase is inspired by the Chandigarh chair. This chair was designed in the 1950s for the working class of the Indian city of Chandigarh. Years later, it impresses in interiors worldwide. We sell not only chairs, but also tables and sofas in Chandigarh style. And, of course, the most beautiful wooden bookshelves!

Where do I buy a wooden bookcase?

At DETJER! With us you buy a beautiful open bookcase made of wood. You can also buy wooden book shelves. All our bookcases in modern design are handmade in our workshop in Indonesia. So quality is always guaranteed! A stylish, safe place for all your books, magazines, CDs, LPs et cetera. A low bookcase of wood can also function as a side table. For example, you can put photos, plants or other home accessories on it. The design bookcases from DETJER are the perfect addition to your interior, whatever your style!

A low wooden bookcase for any interior

Are you looking for an open bookcase made of wood? In DETJER's assortment you will find a wooden bookcase for any interior. For example, you can choose a bookcase made of black wood. Ideal for a minimalist interior, but still with the guaranteed quality of our Mindi wood. Or go for a portable bookshelf. This versatile piece of furniture fits into any room. If you want to test it out somewhere else, it's easily arranged thanks to the handy wooden handle. Furthermore, our open shelves are available in different sizes. Are you looking for a compact rack, or one that has more presence in the room? It's all possible!

Mindi wood bookcase

DETJER's modern bookcases are made from high quality Mindi wood. This wood is ideal for the production of furniture. It does not shrink or warp, so you can count on your wooden bookcase to last a long time. Plus, the wood is available in multiple colors! Are you looking for a black wood bookcase? Then you've come to the right place at DETJER. But we also have bookcases in natural and dark brown wood. A bookcase for all your needs! Are you looking for a different kind of bookcase? No worries! DETJER also has storage cabinets, sideboards and bedside tables.

Where do I put my wooden bookcase?

The beauty of the Chandigarh style is that it fits within any interior and in any room. Of course, because of moisture, it is not practical to place a bookcase in the bathroom, but otherwise our wooden book shelves are versatile. Wood fits within any space. You can choose to place a bookcase at the end of your bed so that your favorite book is always within reach. A bookcase in modern design also serves perfectly as a television cabinet to go with your Chandigarh style sofa. Who knows, this way you might grab a book rather than turn on that one series. Need to get rid of your cookbooks? Put a portable book rack in the kitchen! It's more of a question of where you can't put the versatile Chandigarh style wooden bookshelves.

Order a low bookcase made of wood now

Enthusiastic about DETJER's versatile bookcases? If you order now, you'll have your bookcase in 3 to 5 business days. When you place an order, it will be decided what the shipping costs will be depending on the size of the order