Wooden nightstands in Chandigarh style

Our wooden bedside tables in Chandigarh style add tranquility to the interior. And where is that more important than in the bedroom? Read on soon to learn more about these minimalist designer bedside tables.

Do I need a wooden bedside table?

A bedside table made of designer wood is not only stylish, but also very practical! For example, put an industrial bedside table made of solid wood next to your bed. You can put your glasses, your book, your glass of water or a night light here. Other home accessories, such as a framed photo or a small plant, also look great on a bedside table made of black wood. Do you like more minimalism and tranquility in your bedroom? The wooden bedside table also looks beautiful on its own.

Where can I find wooden bedside tables?

Check out our collection of bedside tables in different colors! You'll find a dark wood nightstand and a black wood nightstand, both 40 by 40 centimeters. DETJER wooden bedside tables are handmade in our workshop in Indonesia before they are delivered to you. There, a team of craftsmen work hard to make quality, stylish cabinets. Your new bedside table has traveled all over the world to reach you. And that's pretty special.

Design bedside table in the Chandigarh style

At DETJER you will find nightstands made of designer wood in the Chandigarh style. This timeless style was born in the 1950s in India. A Swiss architect was then asked to design chairs for the working class of the Indian city of Chandigarh. The result was the Chandigarh chair. This webbing chair became a concept within the design world and the inspiration for our furniture. If you buy a nightstand made of dark wood at DETJER, it will be inspired by the Chandigarh style. This style is known for the versatile nature of the furniture. So these fit anywhere!

Why wooden bedside tables from DETJER?

  • All our bedside tables are handmade. Quality guaranteed!
  • The Chandigarh style fits any interior, including yours.
  • All our furniture is made from high quality Mindi wood. So the furniture is not only beautiful, but also long lasting.
  • If your designer nightstand is in stock, you will have it in your home within 3 to 5 business days.
  • The furniture is usually delivered pre-assembled. If not, it comes with handy instructions!

Enthusiastic about the wooden bedside tables?

Check to see if your bedside table is in stock! Are you looking for other furniture? Check out DETJER's chairs, sofas or tables.