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Workroom inspiration: quiet but also stylish

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A study should be practical, but it should certainly also be atmospheric. How do you create a warm space where you can work with focus? What colors are wise and how do you choose the lighting? Read on quickly and find out.


Workroom inspiration: quiet but also stylish

Even in 2023 we will still work at home, it has become the new normal. You won't hear us complaining! We spend less time traveling and more time for our family and social life. And we don't find furnishing a study a punishment either. A home office should be practical, but it should also be atmospheric. How do you create a warm space where you can work with focus? Which colors are sensible and how do you choose the lighting? Read on and find out.

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How do I furnish my home office?

Of course it is important that you feel at home in your workspace. Therefore, furnish it completely according to your own taste. Not everyone has a space in the house available for a workspace, but that's not a bad thing. Even a spot in the bedroom or living room can certainly suffice. We give you some tips that you can take into account.


1. Personal touch

Make yourself feel at home in your own workplace. It sounds simple, but it can look so nice, without personal additions the workplace can be anyone's. For example, you can put a picture of your family on the desk, or you can hang one of your favorite paintings above your desk. Do you have a favorite lamp that reminds you of that great vacation? Why not use that lamp as a bright spot on your desk?


2. Colors

Did you know that colors affect your emotions and behavior? Of course, this varies from person to person, but research has shown that the color blue improves your concentration. In addition, the color provides calmness, tranquility and focus. Green, on the other hand, increases your efficiency and reduces fatigue and stress. Of course, this does not mean that you should paint the walls of your study in one of these colors, but perhaps add a hue of color in the form of an accessory. We are advocates of light and calm colors, which are not too distracting but instead provide calmness and warmth. A nice place to concentrate.

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3. Lighting

Lighting is very important when it comes to your home office. Of course, daylight is our preference, but we like to supplement this with basic lighting such as a ceiling lamp. These can often illuminate the room well at once. In addition, choose a table lamp, preferably one that you can dim. Appropriate for the time of day. Finally, you can choose accent lighting, a lamp that illuminates your painting, for example.

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What is a good workplace?

A workplace should also meet a number of conditions when it comes to comfort. It may look nice, but it should also make sure you have furniture that encourages a good working posture, make sure you can store your things, etcetera. This does not mean that there is no overlap between the tips for decorating and creating a good workplace.

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1. Daylight

Daylight is essential when choosing your work spot. Your concentration and productivity benefit greatly from adequate daylight. Therefore, make sure your desk is close to a window or large facade.


2. Sitting comfort

Not only is the right desk very important, the chair you sit on is also important. For example, we have chairs with upholstered seats, but also chairs with loose cushions. Pay extra attention to your optimal seat height.

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3. Clean desk policy

Choose a desk that you can store some things in, so you can maintain a clean desk policy. This will also keep your head clear and help you concentrate. If your desk is in plain sight, such as in the bedroom, you have an extra motivation to clean up your desk.

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