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A ton sur ton interior: how to create it

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If you go for a ton sur ton interior, you choose one color in different shades. It gives your interior a calm but stylish look.

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A ton sur ton interior: how to create it

A trend that is back in full swing and for good reason. We are of course talking about the ton sur ton trend. For anyone who loves unity in their interior, but also loves a chic look. Want to create a ton sur ton interior yourself? We are happy to tell you more about it.

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What is a ton sur ton interior?

Ton sur ton is actually a fancy French term for color on color or hue on hue. So you actually choose one color in different shades and carry it through the entire room. From walls to furniture and curtains to floors. Light and calm colors are often used. Think for example of white, off-white, taupe, beige or pastel shades. This also creates a minimalist and calm look. Of course, you can work with whatever color you like, as long as you make it come back in different shades.

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Why ton sur ton?

A ton sur ton interior not only creates unity and tranquility, but is also super-chic. This is one of the reasons why it is not a new trend, in fact, we see a ton sur ton interior coming back year after year in the interior design magazines. Creating a ton sur ton trend is easier than you think. The most important thing when realizing a ton sur ton interior is choosing the right colors and materials.

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What is a harmonious color?

The chosen color is the guideline for your ton sur ton interior. This is because this is the color that you allow to flow in different shades throughout your space. For example, do you want to create a quiet living room in a ton sur ton trend? Then choose beige or another light and warm hue, such as taupe, for example. Are you fond of color? Then go for example for pastel shades, it is not garish and but creates tranquility.

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furniture for a ton sur ton interior

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How do you create a ton sur ton interior?

Finding it hard to get started? Paint the walls of your space in the chosen color. For more unity, you can choose to paint your ceiling with it. Then start decorating, choosing furniture in the same color as your walls, only a shade lighter or darker. And that difference can be quite large from time to time, otherwise it can all become quite flat. When choosing accessories, do the same thing. Work with different materials, these provide extra depth. Fortunately, at DETJER we have a wide range of furniture that fits perfectly with this ton sur ton trend.

Take your time and do not rush. You can find the most surprising accessories while traveling, at a vintage design market or at your grandmother's house. Enjoy and enjoy your ton sur ton living room!

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