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What are the interior colors for 2023?

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What are the interior colors of 2023? We have listed the two trend colors for 2023 for you. Got curious? Get inspired.

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Detjer kleurentrend

What are the interior colors for 2023?

What are the trend colors for 2023? And how best to apply them to your own interior? The interior colors of 2023 provide a serene and positive twist to your space, and tie in nicely with the living trends of the coming year. Curious about the interior colors of 2023? After reading this page, you'll be up to date.

Detjer sfeerbeelden 20220407 557

What are the new wall colors?

In 2023, we will see many bold colors, whether they are wall colors or furniture. A bright blue sofa? No problem. Prefer a deep purple color on your wall? Even with that, you'll be fine in 2023. This outspoken style is accompanied by the calm "ton-sur-ton" trend. This natural and calm interior style will also be seen in 2023. Nature is also doing well this year, from green to warm shades of red and brown. It's all allowed!

Detjer wildwonders

Go light yellow with Wild Wonders, the Flexa color of 2023

The Flexa color for the year 2023 is WIld Wonders. This warm and light shade offers us connection with nature and allows us to bring the magic of nature into our homes. It gives us not only warmth, but also positivity, which also makes it applicable to almost any space. So you combine this color of the year 2023 with other pastel-like shades, some more colorful than others, but all with a reference to nature. Of course, you can also use the color as an accent color on a specific wall. You can then make a nice combination with our dark brown furniture, such as our Kangaroo Chair in the color Dark Brown.

Detjer Vining Ivy

Bring peace and balance into your home with Vining Ivy, the Histor color of 2023

The desire for nature and tranquility is a hot topic, and Histor's new interior color shows that once again. Vining Ivy is Histor's color of the year 2023. This green bluish color is applicable in different interior styles and tastes. You can use the color as a trendy, but also traditional color. That is up to you by choosing an accent wall or painting many, if any, walls. The combination of powerful blue and sophisticated green creates a deep gem color. Whereas blue creates tranquility, emerald green creates a sense of balance.

Detjer sfeerbeelden 20220407 650

Earth tones remain the color trend in 2023

Besides the more pronounced trend colors of 2023, fortunately there is still room for the familiar calm and natural tones such as taupe, beige and other earth tones. What stands out is the combination with warm woods. Think for example of a beige wall color combined with a dark wooden cabinet, chair or kitchen. The lighter colors combined with dark wood also provide contrast and depth. Trend or no trend, always make sure you feel at home in your own house. That is the best way to live!

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