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Minimalistic interior with warmth

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A minimalistic interior with warmth is created by the right combination of neutral tones and natural materials. Let these tips inspire you.

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Minimalistic interior with warmth

A minimalistic interior with warmth, who wouldn't want that? Also at DETJER we are charmed by this interior style. There are plenty of warm interior styles, but in this article we would like to tell you more about a minimalistic interior with warmth. Learn more about the origins of a minimalistic interior and how you can apply it to your own interior.

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What is a minimalistic interior?

At the end of the 20th century, the minimalist interior design style emerged in Japan, after which it spread to the rest of the world. The style is inspired by the Japanese design "Ma," a term that refers to emptiness, silence and space. In this line of thought, the Japanese assume that the furniture is as important as the space in which the furniture is located. Quiet and light spaces are said to have a calming effect on both body and mind. With minimalistic interiors, you can think of simplicity, durability, clean lines and the occasional use of organic forms.

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What are minimalistic colors?

In a minimalistic interior there is almost no color. We often speak of a warm minimalist interior, where warm tones such as beige and sand form the basis. If color does appear in the interior, then these are often not bright colors, but subtle color tones. These are often color accents, for example by means of an accessory or an area of color on the wall.

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How do you create a warm interior?

A minimalistic interior can sometimes be confused with a boring and simple interior, where nothing exciting happens. This certainly does not have to be the case, on the contrary. But how do you actually create a warm minimalistic interior?

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Step 1: start with the basics

As far as we are concerned, these are the floor and walls. As mentioned earlier, from the Japanese tradition, these play as important a role as the furniture itself. Do you want warmth? Then you can probably imagine that decorating is a lot easier with a beige concrete floor or a beautiful wooden floor than with a gray tiled floor. For the walls choose white or a subtle color, our preference is a warm sand tone.

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Step 2: setting up

You are going to decorate the space. You often see the choice of timeless furniture, which is often also durable. Sometimes because of the way they are produced, sometimes because they last for generations. Think of furniture by specific designers, for example, or vintage specimens. To bring warmth to the design, you can choose furniture made of wood, but you can also choose other natural materials such as marble or wool. You might even get a modern warm interior. It's up to you!

Detjer minimalisme6

Step 3: finishing touch

The finishing touch. Actually the most important (and as far as we are concerned) the most fun part of creating a warm minimalistic interior. When styling, provide different types of lighting (high - low), choose durable materials such as a wool rug or a wicker lampshade. Looking for some color? Place a beautiful vase or colored memories box on the table or in the closet.

Are you set on creating a minimalistic interior? Then add some warmth to it. Enjoy!

photo credits: @theherbertagency

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