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Breaking long wall in living room: 5 tips

With a few simple tricks, you can easily break up the long wall in the living room. With this furniture you can create unity and an attractive space.

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Breaking long wall in living room: 5 tips

Ideally, we want a living room as big as a ballroom. Once we have it, we sometimes wonder why we dreamed of it. We give you tips and tricks to ensure that you can furnish this room not only with atmosphere but also with functionality. The possibilities are endless and you can get started right away.

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What to do with a long wall in the living room?

A long wall can make your space look dull and monotonous. Of course, we don't want that! That's why it makes sense to break up the long wall. This can be done in different ways, with different budgets, to suit your interior taste. We list the tips for you.

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1. Wallpaper

You see it more and more often. Wallpapering part of the wall. Go for an outspoken look by choosing a busy wallpaper with large patterns. Prefer something more subdued? Choose a quiet wallpaper, for example, with a linen look. That way you'll have your long wall in the living room broken up in no time.

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2. Paint

You can also achieve a lot with paint on a long wall in the living room. You can of course choose to give it a color, it then becomes the accent wall in the room. Often it then remains plain and neat. Choose one or more areas of color to really break up the wall. That way you can also use the space more easily for different functions, such as a lounge and dining area.

photo credits: @casagitane

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3. Room divider

If you have a slightly larger budget, then a room divider is a good consideration. After all, it literally divides the space. Do you have a living room where not so much light enters? Then go for a room divider made of glass. Do you have fewer problems with light? Then you can choose a room divider where the sliding doors come out of the bookcases. Because the doors can still open, you can easily bring the rooms back together.

photo credits: @studio.lde

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4. Interruption with furniture

You can also achieve a lot with furniture. In fact, you can easily break through the wall by placing a cabinet. Think for example of an open bookcase or dresser. How you can furnish these you can read here. You can also choose to place a corner sofa against the wall, where the protruding corner breaks up the space. Never place a sofa tightly against the wall, but always give it some space!

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5. Artwall

A fun and personal way to style your long wall in the living room is through art! You can choose a wall with various types of art, including our Kangaroo Art. But you can also alternate with personal photos and objects.

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What color on the long wall in the living room?

Wondering what paint is best to use for a long wall in the living room? Go for matte paint, which comes out best on large surfaces. In addition, go for light colors, as these create a spacious and light feeling. Would you still prefer a dark color on that long wall? Then choose the wall that naturally receives the most light. Enjoy the process!

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