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Stylishly decorate an open cabinet? Here's how to do it!

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All the tips and tricks so you can decorate your favorite open cabinet in no time, in style. Whether for decoration or for organizing things. Find out here.

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Stylishly decorate an open cabinet? Here's how to do it!

We often love it: an open closet. Furnishing it sometimes turns out to be a little less easy. Above all, don't let it stop you from buying one. Want to organize a closet so it becomes a beautiful whole? With these tips you can show off your favorite items and your closet will become a real eye-catcher. Read on and find out.

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What do you put in an open cabinet?

First of all, let's say that your own taste is the most important thing. Where some like a well-stocked closet, others like simplicity more. And both ways can ensure that your open shelf cabinet becomes the centerpiece of the room, a real eye-catcher. In addition, of course, it is important that the cabinet serves what you want to use it for. Is it your book or record collection, souvenir collection or is it purely to decorate the room?

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How do you set up an open cabinet?

Now that you have determined in which room the open bookcase will be located, you probably also have a better idea of its function. Is that storage? Then make sure your things are grouped together. Books by books, records by records. This can then be done by color or size if you would like.

Make sure you can see through the closet, it remains an open closet and the eye wants something too. Do not overfill your closet. You can also choose to use the closet mainly as decoration. Then highlight a few objects, such as your favorite vase or the souvenir that takes you back to that wonderful vacation. Still finding it very difficult? Then look for some inspiration, for example on our Pinterest or Instagram Page.

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What do you put on top of a cabinet?

Would you like an extra point of light in the room where you place your cabinet? Then that same cabinet is the perfect place to place a lamp or candlestick on it. Position it on the side of the cabinet. On the rest of the cabinet you can possibly place a stack of beautiful coffee table books, as well as a special sculpture or vase. The important thing in this case is not to overcrowd it and pay attention to height differences of the different objects you place on it.

We hope to have given you enough ideas for arranging an open cabinet. Do you have any great tips of your own? Then don't hesitate to share them with us via our Instagram page @_detjer_.

photo credits: @aaroninteriors

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