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Interview - Lotte Wullems


Every month an interview with interior design enthusiasts, from interior stylists to interior photographers. This time: Lotte Wullems, owner of Stories & Styles, interior stylist and photo stylist.


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I am Lotte, owner of Stories & Styles. As an interior and photo stylist I translate someone's story into an attractive interior or an eye-catching image. So I give color and interior advice at home and take care of styling during shoots of (home) brands, such as DETJER. I love to create an aesthetic picture; from a tastefully styled dresser to a beautifully laid table. Not for nothing do I have a weakness for ceramics and hand-turned coffee cups (even though I don't drink coffee).

I live with my boyfriend Ron and cat Noura in a 1930s house in Den Bosch. We completely refurbished the house, while making sure to keep a nice balance between modern and classic elements. For example, the self-attached cornices enhance the authentic character of the house and on the other hand we chose a sleek, handle-less kitchen.

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How did your love of design come about? - My love for interior design and styling was there from an early age. For example, I was always changing my own room. As I became more immersed in the interior design world and (vintage) design, that passion only grew. The more you learn about it, the more you appreciate it.

How would you describe your style? - Warm, modern-classic, use of natural materials and an understated, romantic touch. I like tranquility and a balanced interior. You don't have to add bold colors to create an exciting whole; depth is also created by combining different textures and working with a tonal color palette.

What piece of furniture or accessory do you think should not be missing from a good design? - The power of a beautiful pendant lamp is often underestimated. As far as I'm concerned, you can definitely invest in it: for example, our vintage, glass chandelier is the eyecather of the living room. So don't be afraid to make a statement. A good lamp really finishes off any room.

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When is an interior design successful for you? And how do you go about it? - Of course, an interior design is only successful when I have been able to put a smile on the faces of the residents. They have to feel at home. I'm not afraid to take them out of their comfort zone - it's great fun to surprise someone.

My main question is always, "What feeling do you want to get when you step into the space?" By looking at what someone values and what atmosphere they are looking for, I am much better able to determine the layout and color palette. For example, turning the couch can already create a totally different dynamic and you can make a room look a lot warmer with the right (basic) color. A white wall often seems safe, but it can also create unrest.

Do you prefer vintage or new furniture? - Mix it up! With a vintage item you add character to your home and by combining it with new design you give it a modern twist.

What is your biggest dream in the work field? - I would love to do interior design for a restaurant one day. Precisely because here you can think a bit out of the box. Matching tableware (because food tastes better from a nice bowl) and a stylish menu should not be missing. The overall picture must be right.

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What designer(s) do you get inspired by? - I actually find inspiration all around me. For example, during my travels I get color combinations from nature, a market brimming with spices or the setting sun. Furthermore, I also always look for hip coffee shops and fancy boutique hotels. There you often find a creative take on a certain interior style.

Furthermore, I follow various interior stylists on Instagram. For example, I am a fan of Athena Calderone's style (her book 'Live Beautiful' is fantastic) and I am secretly jealous of Luke Arthur Wells' DIY skills.

What do you expect to see a lot of next season? - The earthy tones (my favorite) will continue to be seen a lot, but as a fresh counterpart, I also expect to see more pastel shades, pinks and lilacs.

Do you have any tips for styling a dresser? - Group your accessories! For example, an odd number often works well and it's also important to play with heights. You can create this by placing accessories on a stack of coffee table books, putting plumes in a vase or working with bowls.

Which Detjer furniture is your favorite? - The dark brown dining chair with armrests still remains my favorite. This classic would also look great in our home (who knows someday!).