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Sideboard decorating: 3 tips and inspiration

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DETJER gives you tips and inspiration for decorating your dresser. Create a balanced composition and combine the right accessories.

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Sideboard decorating: 3 tips and inspiration

A sideboard, an ideal piece of furniture when it comes to storing things. Whether it's your administration, the kids' toys or your games, with a sideboard you're always in the right place. Of course, what you use the cabinet for is entirely up to you and is therefore not important for its styling. There are doors in front of it, by the way. But we can imagine that you would also like to put something on the sideboard, but where exactly do you start? We are happy to give you tips and inspiration.

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How do you decorate a dresser?

You bought a sideboard and probably started using it right away. Ideal, a cabinet with doors where you can store a lot of stuff. Decorating, on the other hand, can take a little more time, because where do you start? Let's say that there is no perfect way, but there are simple tricks to make styling easier and more fun. Will you read along with us?

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1. Collect accessories

Of course you can buy everything new to style your dresser according to the latest trends, but first take a look at what you already have in your home. Think about personal items, such as souvenirs from great trips, an heirloom vase or special photos. Be sure to look for different shapes, materials and heights together.

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2. What is your taste?

Where some people love color and lots of different items, others prefer simplicity and tranquility. Look around your home and consider what suits you. A dresser with just a lamp and a pile of books can also be incredibly beautiful if that is what suits the space and your taste. After all, that's what it's all about! Keep this in mind when you start styling your sideboard.

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3. Start styling your dresser

You've collected some beautiful items. You'll find that you probably won't use everything, but that's totally okay. Start by placing a tall item, think of a vase or candlestick. From here you can continue working with accessories of different heights and materials. To create peace and unity, it is wise to group items together. For example, you can stack several coffee table books or collect loose souvenirs on a marble tray. A sideboard is often also an ideal piece of furniture to place a lamp on, make use of that!

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What's nice above a dresser?

When it comes to styling a dresser, it's often about the items you place on top. What is often forgotten is that you can also make the wall behind the sideboard part of the styling. Gladly even! A sideboard is a low piece of furniture and this can sometimes disappear against the (high) wall. You can, for example, choose a beautiful art object, painting or tapestry.

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What do you put in a sideboard?

Actually, you can store anything you want in a sideboard. Often it is helpful to consider the room in which the furniture is located. Perhaps the most common place is the living room. You can then store your administration, books or games in it. Is it in the children's room? Then store toys or reading books in it. Do you have a dresser in your bedroom? Then it is ideal for clothes, bedding or accessories. It's also a useful piece of furniture in the kitchen, as you can use it to store your linens, dishes or cutlery.