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The latest trend: Japandi interior

A bit of Japan, combined with a bit of Scandinavia: that's the Japandi interior design trend. The Japandi style is relatively new, but it is impossible to imagine many an interior without it. Japandi is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design. At first glance, these areas are miles apart and seem very different, but there are many similarities in the interior. Think for example of light, minimalism, zen and tranquility. Curious about how to best apply this living trend? On this page you will find a number of practical tips to master the Japandi trend.

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The Japandi style of living: Japanese and Scandinavian

Japanese and Scandinavian home styles come together in their attention to artisanal craftsmanship and design. The Scandinavian home style is known for its light colors and soft materials, and of course for the well-known combination of light wood and sleek design. This style was seen more often in recent years. In addition, the Japanese style of living is also strongly on the rise. This is clearly reflected in the form of popular stylized bird figures on wallpaper, but also in the use of all kinds of minimalist accessories, such as lanterns or dark wooden accents, which immediately evoke a Japanese atmosphere. You can create this accent quickly and easily with our Charles stools.

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Shape and texture in Japandi interiors

Within the Japandi trend, soft materials are often used, such as soft rugs or cozy woolen plaids. Combine this with a wallpaper with Japanese influences, such as a print with bamboo or cranes, to achieve the perfect Japandi mix. The organic shapes effortlessly emphasize the softness in the interior. These shapes, in turn, can be beautifully paired with graphic prints from both Scandinavian and Japanese interiors. The Japandi style thus has a minimalist and soft, but also lively look.

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A natural home trend: Japandi

Keep the base of your Japandi interior nice and neutral and choose natural colors like sand, beige, or soft pastel shades. You can then very dosed add an accent color, such as olive green or mustard. For inspiration, check out our page on interior colors for 2023. Tip: keep it simple with the colors and try to use accents limited, because the Japandi trend is all about minimalism. Less is more!

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