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The most beautiful wall decorations for the bedroom

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DETJER gives you tips and inspiration for wall decoration in the bedroom. Even with a minimalist interior, you don't have to compromise on style.

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The most beautiful wall decorations for the bedroom

We prefer to think of the bedroom as a space that exudes tranquility and personality. The place where you can retreat and feel completely at ease. Also a refuge to escape from the hectic everyday life. How do you ensure that your bedroom becomes perhaps the nicest place in the house? If you ask us, wall decorations can play a big part in that.

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What do you hang on your bedroom wall?

To ensure that you can sleep well, it is important to be able to fully relax in your bedroom. Of course, the basics start with practical furniture, such as your bed, nightstand and a closet. Through bedroom decoration you can then create more atmosphere and add a personal touch to this important room. Wall decoration can play a big role in this. You can think of wall decoration such as: picture frames, wooden shelves with decoration on them, wall hangings, works of art, atmospheric wall lamps or special objects.

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What can I hang above my bed?

If you have a small bedroom, mirrors can be an invention, as they make the room appear larger. In addition, posters or art can also be a suitable option to hang above your bed. It not only reflects your personal taste, but also creates peace. Of course, you can also choose to cluster a few of your personal favorites above your bed, such as a special photo, artwork and wall lamp. Just make sure it doesn't get too busy, which might cause anxiety when you get into bed. Would you like to keep it stylish and minimalist, but want to keep the atmosphere? Then perhaps our Kangaroo Art deserves a spot above your bed.

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How do you choose wall decorations?

If something is important in the bedroom then it is tranquility. You take this into account when choosing wall decorations for your bedroom. When you create a mood board, you quickly understand the atmosphere you want to create. In addition, the basis of your bedroom is important. For example, do you have a light room because of the number of windows or is the dark wooden floor in your bedroom very present? Then you will have to take this into account when choosing your wall decoration. We therefore always recommend choosing two or three colors that form the basis for your bedroom. You reflect this in, for example, your bedding, colors on the wall and accessories. In fact, the entire room. This will ensure peace and unity. In addition, it is wise to combine different materials. Think of wood, wool, linen, but also steel and glass. But go subtle in this, three different types of wood, for example, can make the room look very restless again.

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How high wall decorations?

Have you collected all your favorite bedroom decorations? Then it's time to hang them up. It can be difficult to determine the height of this. It is often advised to hang the wall decoration no higher than 155 cm. You then measure from the ground to the center of the object.

Above all, have fun and make it a place in your home where you can completely relax. Enjoy!

photo credit: @crispsheets x @_detjer_