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Interview - Yannick Aaron


Every month an interview with interior design enthusiasts, from interior stylists to interior photographers. This time: Yannick Aaron, better known as @aaroninteriors, inspirational interior stylist from Germany.



I am Yannick Aaron, teacher and interior stylist from Germany, and I have been managing my Instagram account @aaroninteriors since January 2022, in which I invite my followers to my home to take them on a journey through my personal aesthetic growth and development.

I place great importance on balanced arrangements, light and shadow, and photography to stage the beautiful pieces to match their design and my ideas.


How would you describe your style? - That's a very difficult question to answer because my style is always evolving. However, I would say that I mainly focus on French design from the 1930s to 1960s and the traditional Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi.

What piece of furniture or accessory do you think should not be missing from a good design? - Actually, in my opinion, not much is needed, because my motto is: less is more, so that the furniture and objects can breathe. In this sense, I think it is important to incorporate beautiful but discreet seating, as well as a rug for safety and indirect lighting to discreetly highlight art and objects. At the same time, a home should also emphasize personality, such as books or small things that you associate with people or places.


When is an interior design successful for you? And how do go about it? - For me, a design succeeds when it ultimately looks simple and relaxed, even though there were many thoughts and processes behind it that you don't see at first glance. A room is interesting if you feel safe, can let your gaze wander and find something beautiful everywhere. There must be a certain harmony to be seen and felt that is hard to describe in words. It's the feeling that gives me a lot of warmth in a successful design.

Do you have a preference for vintage or new furniture? - Do you have a preference for vintage or new furniture? - Actually, I always prefer vintage furniture. However, sometimes it is difficult, especially if you are looking for design classics, to get them in vintage condition or just to be able to afford them. Sometimes a new replica or furniture with the same spirit is also nice. In any case, it is nice to combine new furniture with old, it increases the value on both sides.

What is your biggest dream in terms of work? - You're allowed to dream, right? Since styling interiors is a big passion for me, a dream would be to professionally decorate rooms with my vision or to publish a book where I can pass on my aesthetic.


What designer(s) do you get inspired by? - I like to be inspired by interior designers like Pierre Yovanovich, Emmanuel de Bayser or Vincent van Duysen. But I am equally inspired by visual artists, for example Richard Zinon.

What do you expect to see a lot of next season? - I have the feeling that many are dealing with natural materials and value design classics.

Do you have any styling tips? - Build on classics and furniture made from beautiful materials that both look and feel beautiful. Bring your personality and don't try to imitate anyone. Read a lot about designers, history and different traditions so that you can incorporate them into your home and make something very special.

Which Detjer furniture is your favorite? - I am definitely a fan of the book rack, which is based on Pierre Jeanneret's design. It has the perfect size to be both decorative and to hold books, objects or, in my case, even records.

photo credit: @aaroninteriors