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HTS: Living Room

Living inspiration

In our new How To Style section, we provide you with tips & tricks for styling a different rooms in your home. This time: the Living Room.

  • Durable materials

  • Natural and rounded shapes

  • Light colors

How To Style: Living Room

In our new How To Style section, we provide you with tips & tricks for styling different rooms in your home. Whether it's the living room, kids room or bathroom. Each space deserves attention and we hope to inspire you to decorate these spaces to your liking. The eye wants something, but the most important thing is that we feel at home. Curious about our motto for a styling job? 'Lets add some fun'.

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Let's start with the basics

Okay, we'll start with a blank canvas. Your living room, completely blank. Where do you start? We always like to start with the largest pieces of furniture. Think of a sofa, coffee table, extra armchair and possibly a TV cabinet. Our advice: move around and do what feels right. Let go of "the way it should be" thoughts and don't put your sofa opposite the TV, but be creative. Where do you want to draw attention to? Is that the TV, or would you rather have a connection with your kitchen? Or do you just like to look outside? Once you have answers to those questions, decorating goes a lot easier.

Photocredits: Instagram @niblu.home

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Looking for comfort

When the "basics" are in place, it's time for some comfort and functionality. Is the armchair too far away from the coffee table? Choose a small side table. Looks cute too. Do you have a lot of personal stuff that you want to give a visible place or do you want the toys of your children out of sight? Then choose an open or closed cabinet. Do you want to create an extra seating area in no time? Then choose a multifunctional bench.

Photocredits: Instagram @gooisemannen
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Everything for the atmosphere

Atmosphere can be created in an infinite number of ways. This can be through materials, such as a soft rug or beautiful plaid. But if it is up to us, personality also plays a major role. Think of precious photos or a souvenir from vacation. Finally, you can think of lighting (different heights are important here), but also accessories, art or plants should not be overlooked.

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The fun part

The fun part if it is up to us! Predictability is boring, at least we think so. So look where you can add a fun twist to your living room. Of course the size of your living room is important, but you can of course take that into account. Do you love to read? Create a reading corner. Do you often work from the couch? How about a cozy work area? Do your children often play in the living room? Create a play corner. The clutter? A closed cabinet works wonders. ;)

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