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Featured: The story behind DETJER

Living inspiration

This month is all about the story behind DETJER! It's a story we're proud of, one we'd love to share with you. Get inspired and join our journey.

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Featured This Month: The story behind DETJER

This month is all about the story behind DETJER! It's a story we're proud of, one we'd love to share with you. Be inspired and join our journey. We would love to tell you more about our contribution to sustainability, but also share the origins of our current collection.

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Handmade furniture from Indonesia

After many years in the clothing industry, we felt that it was time to try something different. And, having always had an interest in interior design, a venture in that direction seemed the obvious choice. As it happens, a friend invited us to visit a workshop in Indonesia where hardworking craftspeople build the most stunning handmade furniture. The minimalist design in 1950s Chandigarh style and the production process quickly had us convinced. Born out of a love for this trade and the environment, Detjer was established in 2019.

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The product

What makes our furniture so unique is the natural method of production. But aside from remarkable craftsmanship, sustainability of our products is at least as important a part of our concept. All our handcrafted chairs, cabinets and other pieces are made from Mindi wood. This timber comes from oak trees grown on Indonesian plantations and is known for its lovely grain. Also, all our handcrafted furniture is FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) marked, which proves that the wood is recognised by the EU as legally-sourced timber that complies with the European Timber Regulation.

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Our Collection

A modest collection, that was what we once started with. Consider the introduction of the Dining and Office Chair. The Charles stools have also been part of our collection from the beginning of DETJER's founding. Just like the Bench / B.T.H. in its various sizes. Everything at that time available in Dark Brown and Charcoal Black. Meanwhile, our items are also available in Natural and we have several upholstered editions. Our Outdoor Collection cannot be missing from our assortment either. Our design team also designs more and more art, cabinets and tables, which are received with praise. Have you become curious? Then take a quick look at our collection and be enchanted.

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