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Designer bar stools for the kitchen island: stylish comfort in your kitchen

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Experience ultimate style and comfort in your kitchen with designer bar stools for the kitchen island. Be inspired by DETJER's handmade furniture.


Designer bar stools for the kitchen island: stylish comfort in your kitchen

Every year we see different trends in the field of interior design, as well as in kitchens. This year we see a variety of trends using various materials such as stainless steel and wood. In addition, kitchens in a sand tone are very popular. A trend that we have seen for years is the use of a kitchen island. We think this trend will stay for a while. We are therefore happy to give you tips and tricks when it comes to choosing the appropriate designer bar stools for your kitchen island. With these tips and tricks, you can bring stylish comfort to your kitchen!

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What height bar stool for kitchen island?

There are a number of things to consider when buying the suitable designer bar stool for your kitchen island. Let's start with the height of the bar stool. The general rule is to assume a seating height of no more than 30 centimeters below the kitchen top. If you have a kitchen island with a height of 95 centimeters, then a seat height of up to 65 centimeters would be ideal. (95 centimeters - 30 centimeters = 65 centimeters) There is a margin of a few centimeters, because some people prefer to sit a little higher or lower than others. At Detjer we have wooden and rattan bar stools available in different heights.

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How many cm for bar stool?

In addition, it is important to know how much space to calculate in width for a bar stool. After all, how much space does a bar stool actually take up? And how many designer bar stools can you place at your kitchen island? You can assume a maximum of 60 centimeters per bar stool. This means that a bar of 3 meters long can accommodate 5 bar stools. (300 centimeters / 60 centimeters = 5 bar stools).

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How much space for 2 bar stools?

So do you want to know how much space you need for two bar stools? Then assume a bar is about 120 wide (2 x 60 centimeters). Are you still looking for suitable bar stools? We have a wide range of wooden bar stools and rattan bar stools. Available in different colors and heights.

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