Dining Table W.T.H. 220 - Nero Carbone

1.995,00 € IVA incl.

Il tavolo da pranzo W.T.H. 220 in nero carbone onora l'intramontabile stile Chandigarh con il suo design minimalista, ispirato ai classici del design della fine degli anni Cinquanta.
Questo tavolo da pranzo offre non solo un'aggiunta di stile ai vostri interni, ma anche un montaggio semplice: la base viene fornita in un unico pezzo, quindi è sufficiente assemblare il piano del tavolo.
La base è realizzata in resistente legno di mindi, mentre il piano del tavolo è in compensato con uno strato superiore impiallacciato in teak. Questo crea un tavolo da pranzo robusto e senza tempo, con un tocco di fascino retrò. Se amate il design classico o cercate un tavolo da pranzo funzionale ed elegante, questo tavolo soddisferà tutte le vostre aspettative.

  • Lunghezza 220 cm
  • Larghezza 100 cm
  • Altezza 76 cm
  • Peso 45 kg

All items will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days, pre-assembled and delivered on a pallet. Some of the closets will be delivered with legs disassembled, but with a manual for easy assembling.

Shipping costs are depending on the size of your order and the requested destination. For this reason the shipping costs will be calculated in the final phase of order placement.

You have the option of returning your order, or part of it, within 14 days. The costs for returning the product are at your expense provided that the product is unused and returned in its original packaging. To prevent breakages or other damage, the product must also be returned on a pallet. You can use the pallet on which the order was delivered. If your return does not meet one of these conditions, it may not be accepted.

Rattan is a strong, flexible and high-quality material with a unique and timeless appearance. Our rattan products are stretched by hand, which puts more tension on the panel than when done by machine. These qualitative advantages make the seating comfort optimal.

Something that certainly does not always happen, but can occur, is that the tightly stretched rattan will form itself to the user. In addition, rattan panels are never identical to each other because there are always small differences in the weave and in the exact colors. These minimal differences are usually negligible and hardly visible to the naked eye, but they are good to keep in mind if you intend to buy a rattan material product. Of course, neither of these things has a negative influence on the seating comfort, on the contrary. It's just a good-to-know when purchasing a rattan product.

Wood is a natural product and always works. By cold, heat, dryness and moisture. When it comes to our brown and black items, these have been sprayed and varnished. Because of the working of the wood, after a while the natural colour of the wood becomes visible. It then appears that the wood is broken, this is not the case. Places where this can happen are, for example, the 'V' of the legs or the seat. We have a special kit to touch this up. We can send it free of charge.

We recommend to use cushions on all our chairs and benches. Cushions will extend the service life of rattan and also increases comfort. The cushion is made of 100% PES and the cover is washable.

Maximum load;
Chairs 95Kg.
Benches 95Kg.
Sofa 115Kg.
Warranty under normal use 1 year.
Not suitable for commercial use.

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