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Featured This Month: Chandigarh Classics

This month is all about our Chandigarh Classics. Although our Mid Century Modern furniture is made in Indonesia, our brand is originally Dutch. Our designers draw inspiration from the Chandigarh style of the 1950s. An interior design style that refers to the modern architecture of the Indian city of Chandigarh. All our armchairs and other furniture in our webshop are based on this Chandigarh style. Curious? Then read on quickly.

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Invest in timeless furniture

We love to invest in timeless furniture, like our classic Office Chair and Bench / B.T.H. Flats 3. So whether it's a chair, stool or cabinet, choose a timeless design. If you ask us, this is precisely the basis for unique and personal furnishings. Although the word "trend" is not necessarily in our dictionary, you can definitely keep refreshing and updating your interior. Think a lick of paint, trendy pillows, fresh flowers and unique accessories. What do you think?

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Handcrafted furniture in the Chandigarh design style

Our furniture designs are inspired by the typical 1950s Chandigarh style, but are made with high-quality and contemporary materials. Because of this, our chairs, as well as our other furniture, cannot be called an exact Chandigarh chair replica. All our furniture is created in our own factory in Indonesia by our team of experienced and passionate craftsmen. The results are impressive: all our furniture pieces are finished to the finest detail, ensuring a high-quality vintage look.

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Go for durability!

Our Chandigarh chair gives any space a timeless and stylish mid-century look. But that's not all: it's also a sustainable choice. The chairs are made from Mindi wood of the highest quality, sourced from trees grown on sustainable plantations in indonesia. Our chairs also carry a FLEGT label (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade), which means that the wood is EU recognized and meets all requirements.

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